Monday, April 3, 2017

Grocery Highlights and This Week's Menu

The past two weeks have been spring break weeks, and we've stayed busy.  I think we're all looking forward to getting back to a more typical routine, though it was fun to take a day trip, visit the library, and more.

On our way to the library this past Wednesday, we picked up quite a few money-makers, including gummy vitamins, Kashi bars, Trident and Orbit gum, a V-8 energy drink and some Brookside chocolates.

Boneless chicken thighs and breasts were 1.49/lb this week, 2lb. blocks of cheese were 4.99, and ice cream was only 88 cents for 1.5 qt.  To top it off, there was a $2 off coupon if you spent $20, which we did.  There were more deals on yogurt and Belvita breakfast bakes (.50/box) as well.

For produce, celery was .98/bunch, lettuce was .80/head, red bell peppers were 50 cents, opal apples were .98/lb and strawberries were 1.50.  Combined with some remainders from previous sales, like cantaloupe, carrots, cabbage and tangerines, we picked up some fresh tomatoes and we are all set for this week.  Here is our dinner plan:

M - BLT sandwiches, bean w/bacon soup, sliced apples.

T - cheese enchiladas, Mexican rice, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cutie oranges (meatless meal)

W - Pizza Hut pizza (The one I keep saying we're going to get that is a free credit for a mistake.  I think this is the week!)  carrots and celery, sliced apples

R - marinated, grilled chicken thighs, rice, kimchee, macaroni salad, vinaigrette slaw, cutie oranges.

F - spaghetti marinara, salad, garlic bread, sliced apples (meatless meal)

S - seared salmon with compound butter, steamed rice, green beans

S - Seville chicken/sausage bake with roasted peppers and potatoes, all cooked on a sheet pan!

What do you have planned at your place for this week?

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