Monday, March 20, 2017

Dinner Menu and Grocery Deals!

There were some really good deals this week on Whole Earth sweetener, Trident gum, Equal Cafe'creamer, Truvia Nectar, Hillshire Farm Deli Meat, Quaker Breakfast Squares and Breakfast Flats, Real Medleys Oatmeal, Ritz Thins, Crunch Master Crackers and Stainmaster carpet cleaner.  Husband has had a few moneymakers this week, including Nutella, Tic Tacs, V-8 energy drinks, Teddy Grahams, and some gummy vitamins.  With St. Patrick's Day, he was able to get cabbage for .25/lb, red skinned potatoes for .45/lb and corned beef for $1.55/lb.  Cuties were $3.88 for 5lb, lettuce was .80/head and canned soups were .50/can after sales and coupons.  

This week is week 1 of Spring Break for us - I'm taking a day off mid-week and we have a little outing planned, complete with dinner out.  Here is our supper menu for the week:

M:  egg roll in a bowl, apples
T:  rotisserie chicken, green beans, sweet corn, oranges
W:  dinner out
R:  vegetable soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, apples
F:  tacos, side salad, oranges
S:  black bean burgers, fries, apples
S:  grilled steak w/grilled peppers and onions, roasted potatoes, oranges

What's cookin' at your place this week?

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  1. Your menus always sound so yummy!

    Grocery deals included nine 12 packs of Cokes for $2.94, chicken thighs for .69 a pound, red potatoes for 1.49 a bag, asparagus for 1.49#, 3# onions for .79. Chicken tortilla soup over rice, grilled pork chops, meatloaf, homemade pizza and mac and cheese are on the menu this week.


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