Monday, March 27, 2017

Grocery Finds and Dinner Menu

Hello, Dearies!

Husband had a really good grocery week.  There were some good sales, some good coupons, and between Ibotta and Checkout 51, he's getting a lot of rebates as well.  This past week, he made money (with sales, coupons, and rebates) on Truvia Nectar, Command Strips, Whole Earth Sweetener, Vitamin Gummies, TicTacs, and V-8 Energy drinks.  The overages on those items help us cover the cost of other groceries.

Free downloads and Ibotta freebies got us some salsa, quite a bit of yogurt, Teddy Grahams Soft Bakes and some Cafe' Creamers.  We also had free donuts (won through the Monopoly game) at Safeway.

Cantaloupes were .98 each, so we purchased one.  We got some onions (.50/lb) and stocked up on a couple of types of crackers - Wheat Thins, Ritz Chips and Good Thins for as little as 25 cents a box.  For less than a quarter each, he picked up 160ct. boxes of Kleenex using store sale, coupons and rebates.  We picked up Kashi bars, Quaker Breakfast Bakes and oats the same way, for about 50 cents a box/package too.  An Ibotta for Hillshire Farms lunch meat got us ham and turkey for $2.75/lb.  We put some of that in the freezer - it's better than average quality, too!  With a sale and coupon, we were able to get 4lb. bags of C&H cane sugar for 49 cents each.  I should be in good shape for jam season.  We also bought Opal apples for .98/lb, Cutie tangerines for 3.88/5lb., lettuce for .80/head, 2lb. bags of carrots for $1 each, and another head of cabbage for .25/lb.  Finally, we got 16 oz. jars of store brand peanut butter for .50/ea.

So...we are well stocked on most everything I can think of.  The fruit and vegetable bins are full, we have plenty of meat, bread, grains, cereals, soups, cheese, peanut butter...the only thing steering our menu is making sure we don't waste any fresh produce. is this week's dinner plan:

M - tuna salad sandwiches (tuna salad on green salad for me), cucumber kimchee, ritz chips, pickles, oranges

T - macaroni & cheese, seasoned butter beans, green beans, apples

W - chicken & cranberry salad w/lemon poppy seed dressing , oranges

R - marinated, grilled pork chops, slaw, sweet corn, cantaloupe

F - minestrone soup, cheese & crackers, apples

S - meat loaf, seasoned new potatoes, garden salad, peach cobbler

S - chicken (nugget - hee hee!) parmesan, spaghetti w/marinara, green beans, peach cobbler

That's the plan from our place - what's for supper at your home this week?

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  1. Everything sounds good! I've been under the weather and I am going with mostly soups. Today is chicken and rice.


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