Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Goals and Plans for March

I'm a list-maker.  Lists help me make sense of my progress (or lack of it) and help me remember things that need to happen.  Here are our plans for March:

Shopping/Food Storage Goals:  Lent begins this month, so we will be watching for good sales on fish.  We had some early sales this year (February) where tuna was 3 cans for $1, so we are already well stocked on tuna.  We'll watch for good prices onother types of fish that we like.  We are beginning to run low on dehydrated refried beans and popcorn kernels, so we may get those this month.  We'll also be watching for sales on chicken thighs, as we are low on those as well.

Husband had done really, really well with Ibotta, and plans to continue matching up sales, coupons and Ibotta offers.  He started using it about the second week in January, and has already gotten $185 in rebates.  Considering our grocery budget is $200 per month, and that has been reduced to $180 the past few months, the rebates are a significant benefit to us.  He is also testing out Checkout 51, but he's still getting it figured out and deciding if it will work well for us.

Gardening Goals:  Reading The Prudent Homemaker's Blog always gets me eager to garden long before it is feasible here.  If the weather permits, I will continue to dig the garden for spring.  I've pretty much decided to get a dozer scoop of enriched soil to add to our little garden.  It is a small enough garden that one scoop will do it, and I think it will give me a good jump-start on soil improvement.  We just dug this garden spot last year, and it could use some enrichment.  I've been adding composted chicken manure and rabbit droppings, but I think the enriched soil will be a good boost.  I'm not sure if I'll get the soil in March - it really will depend on the weather.  Our last frost date is in late May, so there is some time.  I have a friend with llamas too, and I think I will ask him for some manure for the garden.

House and Home Goals:  We still intend to finish our basement, and to make that happen, I need to get some things sold or donated, so that we have fewer things to shuffle around while the finish work is being done.  We might go pick up a load of firewood on the day when I have a weekday off, but we are not in need.  Firewood is free for us, so we may get it even though we are not running low, if the weather is good.

I'm very slowly cleaning our kitchen cabinet fronts.  They are not in terrible shape - this is just a sort of slow-motion spring cleaning, where I take a little time each weekend and clean and polish the cabinet fronts in a section of our kitchen.  We have a modest kitchen, so it's feasible that I could have this completed in some weekend spare time.

Educational Goals:  I recently learned that there are piano lessons in a database at our library.  I plan to try and find Daughter's 'spot' in those so we can use them to supplement her at-home lessons.  I also intend to take a time management course in that same database.  All classes in the database are free!

What sorts of goals do you have for the month of March?


  1. My goal is get my husband recovered enough to work five half days a week. He is going to cardiac rehab 3 days a week and going to our alternative medicine practitioner along with that. She has been very helpful with infections picked up in the hospital and exercises to aid in brain function.

    Hopefully we can get a few things done outside. Our yard is a horrible mess and we are so far behind but it can wait if need be.

  2. I love the idea of a database with free classes!

    I have dark colored kitchen cabinets and I am always dusting them. We have one inside kitty left and he sheds white hair like crazy this time of year. I'm constantly wiping the cabinets and sweeping the floors.


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