Monday, March 13, 2017

This Week's Dinner Menu

As much as I enjoy the later light we get from daylight savings, I must confess that I'm a wee bit groggy this morning.  I hope you did a better job planning your transition than I did.  (I thought we still had a couple weeks...oops.)

Oats were .50/lb at Sprouts this week.  We stocked up on both rolled oats and steel cut.  Grapes were .88/lb, tomatoes .50/lb, and cucumbers 2/$1.  Husband picked up some Pop Chips that ended up being a moneymaker with the Ibotta offer he had, and we were able to get some Quaker Breakfast Flats for .49 a box after sale, coupon and Ibotta rebate.  There were other bargains and other items purchased, but I confess, I'm a bit out of the loop this week.  We had a child sick enough to miss two days of school this week and we were busy this weekend with home projects.  What I do know is that we've got plenty of good things on hand, and our grocery budget is in good shape.  We have two meatless meals again this week, a transition I'm really happy about.  Here is this week's supper menu:

M - saimin (Asian noodle soup) with Spam and vegetables, cherry cobbler
T - chik-n (meatless, made from mushrooms!) chicken nuggets, carrots/celery/cucumbers, steamed broccoli, 3 bean salad
W - taco salad, grapes
R - pumpkin soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced cucumbers, sliced apples
F - barbecue chicken pizza, carrots and celery, sliced apples
S - tuna croquettes, rice, kimchee, slaw, peach crisp
S - chili with rice or macaroni, carrots & celery, peach crisp

What's on the menu at your house this week?


  1. Yes, the time change is knocking me silly today. Sooooo sleepy.

    We did our Saturday grocery shop and bought all we need for this week for $28. Strawberries were 1.19 a pound so we will enjoy those this week. We are stocked on Kraft singles which were on sale and we were out. We discovered that a favorite coffee shop where hubby likes to go for a breakfast sandwich actually uses Aldi brown and serve sausage patties which are just 4.99 for an 18 count bag. Those sandwiches are 3.95 each at the coffee shop. I made some on Saturday for lunch and we agreed that ours made on homemade bread are better and they probably cost about 50 cents each to make at home. We have a crazy busy week this week so have to grab some meals out as it is necessary. They will come from the eat out budget. Have a delicious week! :)

    1. Thanks, Lana! The sandwiches sound like a bargain!

  2. Last night I pulled a casserole from the freezer, tonight I'm the only one home, and tomorrow I have guests coming. my meals are all over the place this week.

    Hope everyone is feeling better!


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